Sum People is a ska/reggae/rock band formed in Eastern Oregon circa 2008. The band consists of:  Kailey VanOcker (trumpet/vocals/keyboard), Scott Nearing (lead vocals/guitar), Marshall Turner (guitar/vocals), Griffin Fleming (bass/vocals), and Travis Moran (drums).

Their EP, titled “Hey, Bag of Weed! Where Were You? Please (Come Back to Me)”, consists of 4 original tracks was recorded in the basement of Scott Nearing’s home and was mixed by Patrick Barrows Jr.¬†The EP was released on January 1, 2014.

Sum People released their full-length album “Get Horny” in Summer of 2015. “Get Horny” Since the departure of their trombone player, Sum People’s sound has evolved from a ska/rock sound to more of a ska/grunge sound, but still play signature songs (original and covers) but with guitar and trumpet filling in for trombone-based parts.

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