CATSKILLS is a rock band from La Grande, OR. Gregory Rawlins: guitar & vox, Wayne Callahan: bass, Jeff Grammer: guitar & keys, Andy Steele: drums.

Beginning in 2006, Gregory Rawlins began releasing albums. First with Seattle-based Sons of Guns, then self-recorded solo material, and eventually among the La Grande psychedelic rock quartet, Catskills. All told, Rawlins has had his hand in ten full-length albums in the last decade, ranging from pensive and minimalist folk tunes, to driving, amped-up Americana, to all out mind-bending 17-minute compositions alongside bandmates Wayne Marvin Callahan, Andy Steele, and Jeff Grammer. Though¬†known for his penchant to depart from mainstream music entirely, the keen and incisive lyricism is perhaps Rawlins’ best attribute– as it always manages to present an old idea through a fresh, poetic lens– unabashedly unrefined and wild. If these songs belong at the Smithsonian, they’d most likely reside out front on a stand where an old sailor vends apple pie, baseballs and hatchets.

The songs of Gregory Rawlins combine engaging storytelling with sharply focused visual imagery, drawing the listener into a shared world of intensely-held emotions. Performed with an eclectic ingenuity and an unconventional approach to instruments, a live performance is not to be missed.”
Greg Harness, KRBX Radio Boise

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