“Wild metaphorical music that rocks” (Oregon Music News, 2015) has been used to describe the sound of Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness, a Portland-based band with an abundance of local musical roots.  Alexa Wiley is the singer-songwriter who nourishes the band’s unique blend of meaningful lyrics surrounded by the fully realized Americana-rock of Bret Malmquist (lead guitar), Steve Dearborn (multi-instrumentalist), Sean Oldham (drums) and Dale Turnbull (bass). Their 2015 self-titled album, Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness, put the band squarely in the category of “must see music.”
“If John Prine, Lucinda Williams and Alison Krauss had raised a bunch of kids in Colorado, Alexa Wiley and the Wilderness would be them!” — Pete Alexander