“When the vocals of Ezza Rose are described as haunting, people are referring to her ability to be porous and unshakable at the same time. Hers is a lilting permeability—the way a ghost might seep through doors and walls like a supernatural fog. The same way her music flows effortlessly into one ear and out the other, leaving behind melodic traces. Her beautifully delicate, mournfully classic voice floats amongst the loosely bound, misty particles in the air and our minds and fills the cracks with a sound that’s chilling and comforting, all at once.” – Vortex Magazine

“The progression from folk to something more closely resembling rock has been organic and fluid like the rest of her history, but she is not without a significant amount of stubborn drive. This latest change is just another indicator that Rose is, above all, a consummate musician.” – Anchorage Press  

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