Based in the vibrant musical hub of Nashville, Tennessee, Meredith Lane is a captivating Alternative Rock and Folk artist who has rapidly established herself as a must-watch talent. With an impressive tour footprint covering the Midwest, Southwest, East Coast, and West Coast, she has been moving audiences since the revival of live music performances.

Gifted with a compelling vocal range, Meredith is renowned for her genre-defying versatility. From poignant, soul-stirring folk ballads to energizing punk-rock anthems, she ensures her shows are a dynamic tapestry that leaves audiences dancing one moment and introspective the next.

In the last three years, Meredith has unveiled two groundbreaking albums, fortifying her space in the industry. Her first project, Commissioned Love Songs, is a collection of original pieces imbued with influences from eclectic artists like Cake, Amy Winehouse, Maggie Rogers, and Sheryl Crow. Anticipation is building for her upcoming album, Greyhound, slated for release in September 2023—a project that promises to be another testament to her continuously evolving artistry.

Meredith’s commitment to her craft goes beyond melody and rhythm. A native of Joseph, Oregon, where she grew up amidst mountainous inspiration, her lyrics are heartfelt narratives rooted in life’s realities and observations. Each song is a chapter in a larger story, penned with meticulous intention and raw emotional depth, inviting listeners to find pieces of their own stories within her music.

While her musical journey takes her far and wide, Nashville remains her sanctuary, a place where she continually nurtures her artistic ambitions. With her finger on the pulse of music’s ever-changing landscape, Meredith Lane is unstoppable, and her impact on the music scene is only set to grow.


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