Sum People is a ska/reggae/rock band formed in Eastern Oregon circa 2008. The band consists of:  Kailey VanOcker (trumpet/vocals/keyboard), Scott Nearing (lead vocals/guitar), Marshall Turner (guitar/vocals), Griffin Fleming (bass/vocals), and Travis Moran (drums).

Their EP, titled “Hey, Bag of Weed! Where Were You? Please (Come Back to Me)”, consists of 4 original tracks was recorded in the basement of Scott Nearing’s home and was mixed by Patrick Barrows Jr. The EP was released on January 1, 2014.

Sum People released their full-length album “Get Horny” in Summer of 2015. “Get Horny” Since the departure of their trombone player, Sum People’s sound has evolved from a ska/rock sound to more of a ska/grunge sound, but still play signature songs (original and covers) but with guitar and trumpet filling in for trombone-based parts.

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