Seattle-born, La Grande-raised Sons of Guns has been walking the fine line between the intimate campfire ballad and the high-octane rock ‘n’ roll barn burner since the Dubya Administration. In spite of the fact that each member currently resides in separate corners of the Pacific Northwest, E.J. Sander, Seth Johnson, Mike Surber, and Gregory Rawlins persevere like only best friends know how– by holding steadfast to their solemn pact and trusted battle cry, “It’s no fun not to have fun.” Recently, these bosom pals made the most of the pandemic by holding weekly zoom meetings (in increasingly absurd costumes and exotic, unidentifiable accents), and hatching a plan to create their next record via file sharing and remote collaboration. The plan was a success. “The Quarantine Sessions” is their fifth full-length effort– its ten songs running an emotional and stylistic gamut scarcely seen in the band’s twenty-year discography.  And while loneliness, uncertainty, and paranoia surely burrow their way into this strange, adventurous collection, the band’s unwavering resolve toward unity and gratitude ultimately outshines the darkness, and keeps them as true to their original tenets as ever. 

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