Run On Sentence is an ever-evolving musical project fronted by Dustin Hamman.

His lyrics are really about something. It’s rare anymore to hear a song that also functions as a credo, a statement of what the singer believes as opposed to what words merely fit the syllables and the rhyme scheme.

Run On Sentence songs are petrogylphs, carved out after Dustin spent a lot of time on windswept bluffs just listening and watching. He shapeshifts like the old shamans, not physically changing his form, but wrapping his mind around the true empathy of understanding what it’s like to be something else. The songs are always pure statements, things he has seen on quiet nights alone, when the trees start to glow with the energy of life. They are songs that he can get up and sing honestly every night, squeezing out every note with every drop of breath left in his diaphragm, because the songs are true. They are like a tent revival, where the energy they whip up starts to feed back and sustain itself. That is a remarkable achievement. As he sings towards the end of the upcoming album, FEELINGS, “I just want to feel, God DAMN that’s what feelings are for.”

Members: Run On Sentence is Dustin Hamman. It also usually includes Dan Galucki on Drums, and sometimes includes John Whaley, John Reski, Nick Jaina, Perry Pfister, Kyle Reid, Rebecca Cole, and/or Paul Seely.

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