Songwriting Workshop – Beth Wood

Since Juniper Jam is focused on original music, it seems fitting that we offer a Songwriting Workshop to start off festival day. Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017, from 10:00 AM until noon, Beth Wood will meet with aspiring and experienced songwriters to dig into the craft. Workshop location is Fishtrap House, 400 E. Grant Street,  Enterprise, OR). Fee for the workshop is $20 per person.

Here’s more on the workshop:

Songwriting. Everyone can write a song! We will start from scratch with writing exercises to get your creativity flowing. We’ll talk about ways to shake the ideas loose that you can access when you’ve run out of ideas. We will explore how words lend themselves to melodies and rhythms. We’ll talk about our internal Editor and when to invite him/her in. And we’ll have fun creating something! All levels of experience welcome.

Check out Beth Wood and her work here.


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